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Afrobeats music is making waves in the united states, with the likes of Nigerian pop star Wizkid songs with Drake climbing up the charts and American billboards, it is no question that the music is circulating all over the united states.
This Mid-tempo song is one which celebrates people, life and success.

Afrobeats music is the dominant music in Africa, with the biggest artists currently comming out of Nigeria, followed by Ghana and then more from other parts of the continent. Majority of the artists were influenced by America, Reggae and traditional afrobeats originator like Fela Kuti.

Toludarockstar, Ayo Jay, Bills are among US based African artist that does not feel the need to go back to Africa to make a name for themselves. Since top African artists like Wizkid, Davido and others are coming to the United States, doing collabos with top American artists and being scooped up by record labels, it is only right that African artists based in the US has a good chance of a successful career.

Toludarockstar, Ayo Jay, and Bills has done shows all over the United States and also Africa. You can expect more from them in the near future. These young, talented artists truly understand this music and the target audience. Strong vocalist and knows how to make perfect love to the beat. Afrobeats is going to be mega large and in the next few years will also dominate the United State radios just like it is currently in Europe. Afrobeat is here to stay just like dancell music. Keep a look for them, enjoy and share the music

UDR Media promise to keep you in the loop with the best of Afrobeats music from all over Africa, Europe and the United States.

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