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Prudia Ms Producer
Born in the Republic of Gabon, Prudia Gasson also known as ” Prudia Ms Producer” has been a part of UDR Media since 2013. After serving her community has Treasurer and later Vice-President of the Gabonese Association in 2011, she quickly found a particular interest in Media and all its aspects. She currently produces UDR Media major overages, interviews and upcoming web series
Instagram: @Prudiamsproducer

Okenfe Lebarty
Okenfe Lebarty,MA is a political advocate, commentator and radio host with a variety of experience working for some of the biggest Non Profit/NGOs in the United States of America. He has worked as a lobbyist, policy advocate,government relations manager and as regional field organizer during the 2008 Presidential campaign for Obama and a delegate to the 2008 Democratic National Convention. During his time at the University, he was President of the Student Government body during his undergraduate and graduate studies.

Instagram @BigkenfeNYC

Nkemelue Candice joined the UDR family in 2013 as a Social Media specialist where she posts updates and events on Facebook. She is currently a writer with focusing on the topic of Black History. She expands the discussion of black history to historical figures, facts and events but also includes discussions that bring awareness of health in the black community, ancestry and more. You can follow Nkemelue Candice on social media:

Facebook: Nkemelue Candice
Instagram: nkemeluecandice
Twitter: @nkemeluecandice


Huzzain Bello is the Senior Creative Director at Huber FilmWorks. Also, the Director at UnderDaRock Entertainment. He is a filmmaker, cinematographer, editor. He has been involved in numerous projects from TV content production, movie production, and also as a production manager for musical concerts and the likes. He is also a part-time scriptwriter

Instagram @hube95

Ibrahim Bello is a blogger, web designer, content writer, and a potential Microbiologist. A self acclaimed generalist with a keen interest in the Entertainment industry,loves sharing his knowledge with others. An embodiment of skills and talent all in one young personality.

Facebook: Ibrahim Bello

Twitter : @bellz_vibes

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