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#IndependenceDay: SWAZILAND!!

The country motto is “We Are a Fortress” “We are A mystery/riddle” and “We hide ourselves away”.

The country anthem is titled “Oh God, Bestower of the Blessing of the Swazi”.

Swaziland is a landlocked country in Southeastern Africa. It shares the southern African region with its neighbors Mozambique to its northeast and South Africa to its North, west and South.

According to the country’s website, the Swazi are descendants of the Bantu, originating from the Benue-Cross in Cameroon. The migrations done by the Bantu followed three routes: the western, the Central and the Eastern routes. Swaziland is known in history to be one of the last remaining monarchies in the world. The current leader of the land is King Mswati III, who was crowned in 1986. He rules by decree over his people who live in the country side where they practice traditional beliefs.

The country’s website also tells the history of the Swazi led by King Sobhuza I between 1815-1836. He advised the people of Swaziland to choose books over money when in contact with the white man. It is believed that the University of Swaziland’s coat of arms touches on that when it states “education is a national asset”.

When Swaziland was granted independence on September 6, 1968 it negotiated self-rule which eventually became independence.

Special thoughts to our Swazi brothers and sisters on this day.

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