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#IndependenceDay: JAMAICA!!

“Out of many, One People” is the motto of the island.

“Jamaica, Land we Love” is the national anthem.

On this day in 1962, Jamaica gained its independence from the British.

Jamaica was originally inhabited by the Arawak and Taino peoples. It came under Spanish rule after Christopher Columbus in 1494. Indigenous people died and the Spanish import slaves for labor. The Spanish were in power until 1655 when the British took over. Under British rule, the island once named Santiago was renamed Jamaica. Also, Jamaica was a leading exporter of sugar, cocoa. In 1838, the British fully emancipated slaves, estimated about a quarter million. Many of the freed people became small farmers. It gained full independence in 1962 when it withdrew from the Federation (of the West Indies).

Special thoughts to our Jamaican brothers and sisters on their Independence Day.

Source: Jamaica – CIA 

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