Black History

#BlackHistoryFacts for June 16: Kenneth A. Gibson, Adam Wade both make history

The year was 1970. The day was June 16. Kenneth A. Gibson was elected mayor of Newark, New Jersey. He was the 34th mayor elected, the first black person elected as mayor of a major eastern U.S. city. Gibson served as mayor for 16 years. The voter turnout reportedly reached 73% of the electorate. He won over 55,000 votes to his challenger Hugh J. Addonizio who won over 43,000 votes. About 7,000 of the votes were by white people who felt uncomfortable with Addonizio so instead casted their vote for Gibson. Gibson won votes from a majority of black and latino voters.

In 1975, Adam Wade made history as the first black host of a game show on “Musical Chairs” which premiered on CBS. The show was not successful, airing only 95 episode with the show officially ending in October of 1975.

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