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#BlackHistoryFacts for January 1: Nigeria is a British protectorate, David Dinkins makes history

On January 1, 1901 Nigeria became a British protectorate. The Niger Basin was divided into three: Lagos Colony, Souther Protectorate and Northern Protectorate. In these three different divisions, the British imposed different administrative laws on the different tho-linguistic groups. This had an effect on how the different groups emerged.

Lagos as the crown colony, were labeled as British citizens and therefore were subject to British laws. The other protectorates were not and they were instead ruled under their traditional rulers.


On January 1, 1990 David Dinkins was elected mayor of New York City. He was the first black person to hold that office. To this day, he is on the only black mayor of New York City. Dinkins entered office on the promise of racial healing. He had describe the diversity of New York City as a “gorgeous mosaic”. Dinkins ran for a second term in 1993 but was defeated by Rudy Giuliani.

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