Black History

#BlackHistoryFacts: Bill Russell named coach of Boston Celtics and more…

In 1966, Bill Russell is named head coach of the Boston Celtics. He took over when Red Auerback stepped down. Russell was the first black head coach in the NBA. He was a player-coach who has won a championship. He is the only player-coach to win multiple championships (11 championships).

In 1972, the two surviving members of the Soledad Brothers were acquitted. An all-white jury cleared Fleeta Dumgo and John Cluchette or murder charges. They had been charged with killing a white security guard at Soledad Prison in 1970.

In 1994, African National Congress (ANC) security guards at Shell House killed nineteen Inkatha Freedom Party members following a tip-off that IFP marchers were planning to attack the building.

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