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#BlackHistoryFacts for August 26: Chad is first French colony to join allies, Namibia base targeted

In 1940, Chad became the first French colony to join the Allies under Felix Éboué (pictured), France’s 1st black colonial governor. Éboué was a French Guinean-born Frenchman who became a colonial administrator. In 1936, he was appointed governor of Guadaloupe making him the first black person to be appointed to a high post in a french colony. He was governor of Chad during most of World War II. During that time, he led the Free French which led to electoral support for Charles De Gaulle’s group. He supported educated Africans and showed it by appointed them to his administration. Éboué helped to preserve African culture.

In 1966, the Ongulumbashe base in Namibia was targeted (Operation Wildebeest) by South African forces. This occurred during the “Bush War”  when South African forces launch a 23-year war against the South West Africans People’s Organization (SWAPO) in Namibia. In 1990, the war ended and Namibia was proclaimed independent. Today, Namibia declares August 26th as “Heroes Day” and it’s a public holiday.

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