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#BlackHistoryFact for October 18: Bob Beamon leaps in to history

The date was October 18, 1968. Bob Beamon, a 22 year-old, leaped into history when he shattered a previous record of 28 feet. All it took was six seconds for him to shatter that record. He ran down the lane, ascended to about six feet, stay in the air and land an incredible 29 feet, 2.5 inches later. Beamon’s record is considered one of the most impressive records in the history of the Olympic games. With his 29 foot jumper, he became the first athlete ever to reach that.

Records are not made to last forever. Unfortunately, for many athletes, their records gets broken, if not by themselves, by someone else. Beamon’s record of 29ft., 2.5 inches was beaten by Mike Powell in 1991 by two inches. To this day, no one has broken Powell’s record.

Beamon never came close to matching his world record that he had set at the time, citing a leg injury. He is enshrines in the Track and Field Hall of Fame and the Olympic Hall of Fame.

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