Black History

#BlackHistoryFacts for January 3: NAACP 1947 report, Leontyne Price’s final performance, Obama wins Iowa

1947: The NAACP released a report in 1947 calling 1946 “the most grimmest years” in NAACP history. The reason for this was the lack of response to the widespread lynchings and reports of violent acts against black veterans. There were reports of veterans murdered with blow torches with their eyes gouged out.

1985: Opera singer Leontyne Price made her historic last performance at the Metrpolitan Opera House in “Aida”.

2008: U.S. Senator Barack Obama won the Iowa caucus. Obama was awarded 38% of the delegates with 29.8% going to John Edwards and Hillary CLinton taking 29.5%. Obama ran his campaign on the message of “Hope” and “Change” in America. According to party officials, the turnout was at 239,000 which was well over the 124,000 people who participated four years earlier.

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