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#BlackHistory for June 12: Mandela sentenced to life in prison and more…

On this day in 1964, African National Congress leader Nelson Mandela was sentenced to life in prison. His sentence was originally for 5 years but was ruled as life imprisonment after another trial on separate charges. He served a total of 27 years in prison on Robben Island, being released in 1990.

In 1987, former emperor of the Central African Republic, Jean-Bédel Bokassa was sentenced to death for the 20 people who lives he took during his 14-year rule. Bokassa ruled the Central African Republic from 1965 until he was overthrown in a coup in 1979. At the time of his sentencing, Bokassa refused to comment.

In 1993, an election in Nigeria was held in the country’s 30 states. It was later annulled by the Nigerian government. An announcement was by a decree signed by military leader, General Ibrahim Babangida. The west African nation, known as the “Giant of Africa” had abandoned its promise to hand over power to the civilians. Babangida stated that these steps were taken so save the judiciary from ridicule both locally and internationally.

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